When you just don't have time for DIY...

Full Audience and Ads Testing Done-for-You!

Retargeting, Sales, and Leads Campaigns Done-for-You!

Monthly tracking, Continuous testing, and Regular Optimization DONE-FOR-YOU!

We'll take this off your plate and deliver your set of ROI-optimized campaigns IN ONE WEEK so you can start seeing results NOW!

DONE-FOR-YOU Services:

1. Set up my Test and Campaigns for me! - We can absolutely test your audiences and ad designs/content for you and then have your Retargeting, Sales AND Leads campaigns built for you as well. Everything will be completely ready for you to roll out and start bringing in those sales and leads! - $1,000 (one time fee)

2. Design my ads, too! - We'll set up and run your tests, build your Retargeting, Sales and Leads campaigns, AND design your 3 ads, so you literally don't need to spend time on anything. This will include 3 separate ads completely with graphic design and SEOptimized copy! - $1,500(one time fee)

3. One-on-One Training Sessions to Finalize my Test and Campaigns - We have so many clients that want to learn how to set these up themselves but need more than the one tutorial session. We can schedule 2 one-on-one video conference calls where we will completely walk you through the process AS YOU set them up - you won't be on your own at all, and then you'll have the hands-on experience you need to continue running with it on your own, confidently! - $1,500(one time fee)

4. Monthly Ads Management - Once your testing is complete and your Retargeting, Sales, and Leads campaigns are running, we will analyze your results on an ongoing basis throughout each month to make sure ads are performing as expected and eliminate wasted ad spend. We'll provide you with a thorough analysis of your results and have a monthly strategy conversation to further optimize your ROI. On top of that, each month we'll design and test one new ad to stay fresh for your audiences and find continuous improvement in your results. - $1,000/month, 6 mo. minimum

5. Organic Social Media Management - Outside of the paid advertising realm lie your social media pages and regular posts. We'll create 3 posts per week, including graphic design and copy, and schedule your posts throughout the month. Continuous posting maintains a level of brand awareness with your audiences and builds a community around your business. It's invaluable! But time consuming! We can handle this for you as well. - $1,000/mo. for 1 social media platform, $1,800/mo. 2 platforms, $2,400/mo. 3 platforms, $3,000/mo. 4 platforms, 6 mo. minimum